Friday, July 31, 2015

Meet Iketani

Iketani was born on April 27 and we got him at 7 weeks old.  Here are a couple of his baby pictures an him now.  How fast they grow! 

He is an Exotic Short Hair Persian


Sunday, May 24, 2015

Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Katie & Waffles' Favorite Things ♫♩

WAFFLES:  Julie Andrews, eat your heart out. But mitts off my chicken.

*to the tune of Favorite Things from The Sound of Music*

Dark meat or white meat, how can I decide?
Crocheted with catnip all hidden inside.
Chicken and turkey and drumsticks and wings.
These are a few of my Secret Paw things.

Pink plushy blankets all cushy and soft.
Purrfect for napping in bedrooms and lofts.
Premium catnip inside gives it zing.
This is the BEST of my Secret Paw things!

When the door knocks, when the vet calls,
When we're feeling sad.
We simply remember our Secret Paw things
And then we don't feel so bad!

Secret Paws 2014
This is the third year we've participated in Secret Paws and it's one of the highlights of the holiday season for us. Think of it as Secret Santa for cat bloggers. From San Francisco to New Jersey, New Zealand to Wales, cat blogging families from across the globe are paired up with another cat blogging family to make their Christmas extra special.

This year our friends from the wonderful blog, Tails from the Foster Kittens, were our special Secret Paws Santa. Miss Connie and her foster kitten brood are dear friends who know us all too well. Pink for me, Orange for Waffles. Napping gear for me, poultry gear for Waffles. 

Our big box of presents are like a kitty's dream-come-true!  

These are a few of our favorite things...  ♫♩
(left to right, top to bottom)
♥︎ Mouth-sized holiday mice.
♥︎ A chicken smorgasbord of Tiki Cat, Natural Balance treats and hand-crocheted DRUMMIES!
♥︎ Fuzzy blue feather wand toy... may he rest in peace. *bows head*
♥︎ Orange delectables for Waffles: Catnip filled fabric candy, furry and fuzzy balls.
♥︎ Pink delectables for Katie: Light up birdie, catnip filled fabric candy and mini pillows.

And of course, KATIE's pink plushy blanket with catnip sandwiched inside.

Thank You!
Thank you SO much to Miss Connie and all the cats and kittens at Tails from the Foster Kittens! We love, love, love all the wonderful and thoughtful presents!

Katie & Waffles

Monday, January 5, 2015

Team Dash Kitten Reports!

Good afternoon everyone, Happy New Year and thank you for your patience waiting for our Santa Paws report. It was worth it, we are thrilled and want to share our AWESOME excitement and stuff. Our parcel arrived in very good time from the USA and we were really excited to find out who our mystery Santa Paws was.

We have to thank our generous and thoughtful friends Savannah and Sage from Savannah's Paw Tracks for our splendid and wonderful box. It was packed full of exactly the kind of things we love - how thoughtful and clever they were to find such treats and toys PLUS.........

We stood back, tense with excitement, while Peanut (18) unwrapped and examined the packages containing our Very Own TIME TUNNEL which Peanut was impressed to see was packed up really small!  She then let us unwrap it and set up the TARDIS like mechanism that fits inside. (It's set to invisible now, mum thinks this is just a cat tunnel).

We finally have our own Time Tunnel!! WOOOHOOOO. Phoebe managed to sneak a quick trip before Silver completely took it over! It is THE most wonderful thing. We not only have our tripartite tunnel *gasp* we have a relaxing travel cabin for longer trips!

We received a whole bunch of our FAVOURITE treats - ones that everyone in the family loves (which is rare) and they are being shared out bit by bit (or bite by bite MOL!!) Everyone has found something to play with from the toys.

Sienna, inspired by heroine Binga from the Sparklecat blog, got stuck into one of the furry 'impostors' which she thinks is totally awesome!! Binga you have a lot to answer for Sienna is one of your biggest fans!

Silver exiting the Time Tunnel after installing our TARDIS device. He nearly bmped into Harvey who was making valiant attempts to open another parcel! Man we had so many it took ages to unwrap them all - it was PAWsome!

Harvey, Miranda, Silver, Peanut (18) Natasha, Phoebe, Jack and Dot Kitten wish to thank Savannah and The Kid Sage for their generous gift. Everything is perfect, all the treats are going er... gone.....  OK Mum PLEASE can we get back to playing with our toys now.......??

Our Secret Paws - The Meezers


We gotted our Secret Paws package from Charlemagne, Tamar and Mal, although the mom would NOT let us open it until Chrissymouse.  Then she gotted sick and failed us miserably in posting the pictures.  So here they are - and a HYOOGE thank you to Charlemagne, Tamar, Mal and their humans for all the WONDERFUL stuff - we are still tossing all the toys all over the house!  First Nicky dove in, then Billy barged in to get a whiff of everything and steal the toys - and try and steal all the yummy tem-tay-shuns!  The mom gotted some pawsome candy too! Miles also got in there to stake his claim.  They just don't unnerstand that ALL TOYS ARE BELONG TO ME.  MWAHAHAHAHAHA.  (notice I am not in the pikshurs - I kept running away when the mom tried to get a pikshur of me). (Oh and there was more candy than what is in the last pikshur, but Nicky kept whapping it off the table when the mom tried to take a pikshur, and Billy is walking all over the lovely decorative towel that they sent to the mom too)

Friday, January 2, 2015

Not A Secret Anymore


Sage just luvluvluvs to sing all those holiday carols. Sometimes, she just plain gets on my nerves...sigh.

Just so you don't have to keep wondering who it is, our Secret Santa Paws was none other than the famously generous and kind Cody and Dakota from Cat Chat with Caren and Cody.

Anyway, we received our Secret Santa Paw package long before Chrissymouse Day. But our Secret Santa Paw Cody became very ill, so we withheld doing our post here until we knew he was in full recovery.

You can see more photos of Sage and me with our package over on my blog, just click HERE. I know it is hard for Mom L to write two blog posts so I hope you don't mind if I helped make it a bit easier on her. Mom L is still taking some strong pain meds and so I didn't want her to embarrass me with her stupid mistakes have to work very hard by doing two blog posts.

Pretty pawsome package, right?

Sorry for all the clutter in the background, but again, Mom L can't get down on the floor to pick it all up and Dad P was out getting dinner.

Thank you so very, very much Cody and Dakota for being our Secret Santa Paws!

Paw Pats and Head Bonks, Savannah and The Kid Sage