Friday, January 2, 2015

Not A Secret Anymore


Sage just luvluvluvs to sing all those holiday carols. Sometimes, she just plain gets on my nerves...sigh.

Just so you don't have to keep wondering who it is, our Secret Santa Paws was none other than the famously generous and kind Cody and Dakota from Cat Chat with Caren and Cody.

Anyway, we received our Secret Santa Paw package long before Chrissymouse Day. But our Secret Santa Paw Cody became very ill, so we withheld doing our post here until we knew he was in full recovery.

You can see more photos of Sage and me with our package over on my blog, just click HERE. I know it is hard for Mom L to write two blog posts so I hope you don't mind if I helped make it a bit easier on her. Mom L is still taking some strong pain meds and so I didn't want her to embarrass me with her stupid mistakes have to work very hard by doing two blog posts.

Pretty pawsome package, right?

Sorry for all the clutter in the background, but again, Mom L can't get down on the floor to pick it all up and Dad P was out getting dinner.

Thank you so very, very much Cody and Dakota for being our Secret Santa Paws!

Paw Pats and Head Bonks, Savannah and The Kid Sage


  1. That looks like a great Secret Paws package. Thank you for participating.

    We hope Mom L is on the mend.