Monday, January 5, 2015

Team Dash Kitten Reports!

Good afternoon everyone, Happy New Year and thank you for your patience waiting for our Santa Paws report. It was worth it, we are thrilled and want to share our AWESOME excitement and stuff. Our parcel arrived in very good time from the USA and we were really excited to find out who our mystery Santa Paws was.

We have to thank our generous and thoughtful friends Savannah and Sage from Savannah's Paw Tracks for our splendid and wonderful box. It was packed full of exactly the kind of things we love - how thoughtful and clever they were to find such treats and toys PLUS.........

We stood back, tense with excitement, while Peanut (18) unwrapped and examined the packages containing our Very Own TIME TUNNEL which Peanut was impressed to see was packed up really small!  She then let us unwrap it and set up the TARDIS like mechanism that fits inside. (It's set to invisible now, mum thinks this is just a cat tunnel).

We finally have our own Time Tunnel!! WOOOHOOOO. Phoebe managed to sneak a quick trip before Silver completely took it over! It is THE most wonderful thing. We not only have our tripartite tunnel *gasp* we have a relaxing travel cabin for longer trips!

We received a whole bunch of our FAVOURITE treats - ones that everyone in the family loves (which is rare) and they are being shared out bit by bit (or bite by bite MOL!!) Everyone has found something to play with from the toys.

Sienna, inspired by heroine Binga from the Sparklecat blog, got stuck into one of the furry 'impostors' which she thinks is totally awesome!! Binga you have a lot to answer for Sienna is one of your biggest fans!

Silver exiting the Time Tunnel after installing our TARDIS device. He nearly bmped into Harvey who was making valiant attempts to open another parcel! Man we had so many it took ages to unwrap them all - it was PAWsome!

Harvey, Miranda, Silver, Peanut (18) Natasha, Phoebe, Jack and Dot Kitten wish to thank Savannah and The Kid Sage for their generous gift. Everything is perfect, all the treats are going er... gone.....  OK Mum PLEASE can we get back to playing with our toys now.......??


  1. WOW you got a pawesome Secret Paws package!!! Have fun with your loot :)

  2. What a great packagae! But our furrends Savvy and Sage are generous and know what wonderful things we’ll like.

  3. WOO HOO!! SUCCESS! Did not know you did not have a proper time you have the live model!

  4. That's a great gift box and very thoughtful presents.

  5. love these and maybe the tunnel will go straight to us in New York?

  6. What an amazing Secret Paws package. You even got the tree-way tunnel. Pawesome!

  7. Sure looks like a pawsome Secret Paws package :)


  8. What a great Secret Paws package! Thanks for participating this year.

  9. Pawsome! Isagold will be envious when she see she missed out on this!!! Hope ya's all had a gr8 Christmas xox