Wednesday, December 24, 2014

A very Cherry Christmas!


Imagine our surprise when a giant box showed up at the door... just for US!

It was from our Secret Paws pals... Alice, Russell and Scooter ...The Harris Cats from "Ask Fisher" blog

OMC, Dad HURRY!!!!!!!

WHOA!  Look at all of this, there's something for all of us!!!!

Look!  I've deaded this pawesome furry toy!  Make it alive again Dad, c'mon, lets go another round!

You get that one Harry, I got this bear under control!

 Look, Mom got a prezzie too! She looks like Zee and Zoey's mom!  (she says thanks Dad for the blurry picture cause you can't see all her wrinkles!  Bonus!)

Hey guys, what do you think is in this cool mail box???

 Wow! it was what we are now calling "the blanket of the Chris-mouse miracle" it got all three of the boys sleeping together again!  That hasn't happened in a coon's age!  It's so soft and comfy!

There were some shiny balls for Tipp too ( he was really busy with one of Dexter's mice) 
and some delicious noms for later.

All and all a really amazing and thoughtful package of great goodies!  I guess no matter what mom and dad say, we must have all been on the "nice" list this year.

Our thanks to our friends at the Harris Cats, we wish you an extra special Christmas and our heartiest 

Harry, Dexter, Tipp and Willow


  1. Well done you guys, what wonderful goodies! Happy holidays!

  2. We know the Harris cats and their PURRTASTIC Mom and Dad and it is no surprise to us at all that they sent such great prezzies! Enjoy!!!! The Harris Family is super special!

  3. What a wonderful Secret Paws package. Thank you for participating this year.

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