Thursday, December 25, 2014

Happy Kitties Christmas Morning

Merry Christmas to effurrybody!

Tinker: I was taking a nap by the tree and suddenly...

Chopin: Make that - finally..!

Bridgie: Wheeee! We got to open our presents from Random Felines,
our Secret Paws! Of course, my birdie has been my buddy for a few weeks now..

Anastasia: Zzzzzz...

Chopin: From the minute the box of goodies arrived, I knew there was a catnip ball inside.

Tinker: And we all love the nip!

Anastasia: Zzzzzz...

Bridgie: Don't forget the treats! Mom Julie already had hers, yummy brownie truffles.

Chopin: Maybe I should call my ball a catnip truffle.

Tinker: Don't overthink...hey, my nip here is specially wrapped!

Anastasia: Zzzzzz..

Thank you to our Secret Paws for all the yummy treats, toys and especially the catnip mats! One went in front of the window and the other will stay in the living room near the tree for now.

We're off to a very happy ending for 2014. Merry Christmas to all and thanks to Paula who brought us all together to enjoy our gift exchanges!


  1. Your mom is eating truffles?!? Oh no, run, hide, Truffle.

  2. beware that catnip left it sitting on the bed before it ended up in the box and most of us rolled on that spot on the bed. :) glad you enjoyed everything