Monday, December 15, 2014

The Tomcat Family sends Secret Paws

We have to all pull together and get our Secret Paws present ready, wrapped and sent to some lucky kitties.
I can help pick some toys out!
Alright Einstein
I will pick the paper and wrap them
Good Fitz
I will help Fitz as that tape is difficult with paws
Well done Toby
Maybe I can help Dad with picking something from the Big River place on the internets.
He can use a cats purrspective Rumpy
Lets see, I  will put the gifts in a package to mail
Buttons that is a great help
Ah will do da mailin labelin so dey git dere in timez
Buddy... Maybe you should switch with Buttons 
Whut! Why fur?
Um, lets just say they may have a problem with reading your writing
Grumble... Mumble... Oh alrightin...
Dad... You can...
I know Timmy, give you the Plastic Green Paper.
Right! Lets go Tomcat Family!

Direct-Order about, Pick, Pick-Paper & Wrap,  Tape-Tape, Pick-Pick, Package, Label, Plastic Green Papers...

Well done all... Time fur...

A nice Nap

Hey Timmy? What about me?
You make Dinner Dad so its ready after our nap!
Just like all year round.
You bet!
Hope you really like your gifts lucky kitties. You will get two packages from us. One direct and one from the Big River company.
Have Fun!

Thanks also to Sweet Purrfections for all the work you did for all of us blogging kitties this year!


  1. Wow.! That's a lot of work! We can't wait to see who your secret paw is and what they get.

  2. some kitties are gonna be super happy!