Wednesday, December 17, 2014


Mom said I could open my Secret Paws gift early (probably to make up for her wasted time in posting about the package we sent).  
Thank you to US COONS!  

Hurry up Mom, open it!  
 I was able to get some help from my boy.  He can be pretty helpful sometimes.
 Wow!  Look at all this great stuff!  This bird thing is awesome!
 Look, mom, you got something too.
I LOVE my gifts (and Mom loves her scarf)!   Thank you again Us Coons!  (and their human.)  

*by the way, some of you may have noticed that I'm posting from a different account now (Kon the cat).  We were having too many problems with my no-chips-for-kon address, so I'm moving it to a new one in the hopes that my humans can make some time for the important things this year.  


  1. By the way, I've started a new blog page if anyone would like to follow:

  2. What a wonderful Secret Paws package. We're so glad you participated in Secret Paws this year.