Thursday, December 18, 2014

Secret Paws with the KCC Gang!

We mailed our Secret Paws gifts last Friday, and we just found out today that they safely arrived at their destination! Here are some photos of Delilah and Sophie helping Mom wrap the presents...

This is our first year participating in the Secret Paws gift exchange, and we have been very excited about it. The kitties who we sent our gifts to, Derby and Ducky, are now new furiends of ours! We didn't know them before. We are afraid though that we missed the memo on including a gift for the humans... after reading about so many other Secret Paws gifts, we realized that including a gift for the humans was normal and expected. We came to this realization too late though... after we had already mailed our gift. We apologize to Derby and Ducky's mom for this. We didn't know :( Please forgive us! We hope all of the kitty gifts we included will make up for this oversight. :) We look forward to seeing photos of you all with your gifts!

We also want to say that we received our Secret Paws gifts in the mail recently too. The package came all the way from AUSTRALIA!!! Can you believe it?! Mom won't let us open it yet, so we aren't quite sure who it's from, but we have an idea. There's only one kitty blog from Australia that we know of! ;) So thank you to our Secret Paws senders -- we have received our gift and look forward to opening it!!!


  1. We're glad you joined us for Secret Paws this year. Don't worry about a gift for the humans. It was just a suggestion. Most of us just send for the kitties.