Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Secret Paws Revealed!

What do you think? There allegedly was a bite involved but TW screwed up the video evidence.
She has no proof.

For the second year, I signed up for the Secret Paws, hoping one of my furrends would get me. When my package arrived a few weeks ago, I didn’t recognize the name on the package so I did some investigative snooping. I learned that the sender has a blog named A House With Two Cats. Unfortunately, her beloved Rosie had just gone to the RB so William is living there as an only cat. Let me tell you, William and their Mom know how to make a cat happy.

I didn’t get to open the box until AFTER the peeps opened their boring gifts on Christmas morning. There is no justice in this world. The package contained so many nice toys and some of my favorite treats. TW liked the wrapping paper but wondered if William’s human owned stock in Scotch tape. It was like someone told her what I liked. What? Oh, I understand TW did fill out a form. Uh huh. So William checked it twice once he found out I was not naughty but nice.

I made a little slideshow to show some of the contains of the box. Take a look see.

What did I get? Here’s a partial list:

  • my favorite Petstages Whirly Gig. TW didn’t think I’d like it but I did.
  • Loco!Laser which I will wear out in no time
  • a piece of fancy tissue paper!
  • the Batnip ball in the top foto
  • SmartyKat ball with compressed nip in it
  • a nip fishie
  • 2 nip shmousy toys
  • a red feather toy
  • 2 bags of Greenies, including the Greenies SmartBites Digestion which I love so much
  • and I got some blue balls—I’m not gonna go there and don’t you—although one will be crushed the first time TW steps on it.

Can you believe all the good loot? HAH! There was a candle for TW in there too which I begrudgedly let her have.  I got all these fun toys and all the peeps got were some pajama’s and socks and stuff. I bet they were really naughty since Santa stiffed them.

I made a YouTube video of my Whirly Gig fun.

Thank you William, Angel Rosie and Mom Cindy for the great Secret Paws package. Much thanks to Mom Paula of Sweet Purrfections for coordinating the Secret Paws gift exchange and making sure everybuddy gets their package. Thank you for a pawsome Christmas!

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  1. Yeowzers!! BFGF you received some pretty cool stuff. Luvluvluv the video of you and the spin toy