Friday, December 12, 2014

We Sended Our Package!

Of course, the Stoopy Human didn't a-member to take pictures. Sigh.

But at least she *did* manage to take it to the post office on MONDAY (what a shock, huh?) -- only because I reminded her about a million, trillion times, you know. Because without me she is really completely useless. 

We love doing this and get all a-cited about it efurry year! And we love to read about all the packages getting sended and even opened, too! Yippee! We can't wait! 

Merry Christmas, Kitties!


  1. Our mom forgot to take pictures, too. Could it have been because she was in such a hurry to wrap them up because we were in the box trying to get at everything?

  2. Oh I know some kitty (or kitties) will be super happy, considering you are in the middle of a monsoon, I would say it is admirable that you got yours out on time!

  3. Yeah the Dad furgot to set the camera correctly so some really good ones of ours were all yucky. Have to keep a paw on them every minute