Thursday, December 11, 2014

Thank you Secret Paws !

PIXIE : Uuuniii... 

ZORRO : Stop Pixie, you don’t know how to read ! 

PIXIE : But be quiet ! Don’t say that any more or I hit you ! Help me to open the package !

ZORRO : Ohhh ! It’s filled with presents and there is a card : it comes from our friends The Island Cats. It’s our Secret Paws !

ZORRO : I’m sure that there are treats in this package !

PIXIE : Zorro, you’re incorrigible ! You ripped the package without opening the wrapping to
have treats ! You pig !

There is some more things... And the box is very great also !

We were spoiled : we received catnip toys, balls of all kinds, a ribbon, treats, and magnificent reversible polar fleece blanket. 

There was also a magnificent calendar for Claire. What a generosity !

Many thanks to Wally, Ernie, Zoey, and their human ! 


  1. What a wonderful box of goodies! We love our fleece blanket from the Island Cats that we got last year!

  2. What a cool package! Truffle was trying to swipe the treats from our package we were sending.