Friday, December 26, 2014

Derby and Ducky''s Secret Paw Prezzies

Early yesterday mum helped us open our Secret Santa prezzies. Good stuff from Kitty Cat Chronicles.
 Lots of little packages, one each for Derby and Ducky. Derby got a red bow tie.
 Ducky a blue one, we thinks they are made to go on collars, but we don't wear collars, so we may not wear them. But we have them but if we need to get formal, we have the bow ties.
Big red crinkly ball, picked it right up. Mum didn't even have time to get the tag off yet!
A little hedgehog that mum could fill with nip, so mum got it all full and I took over.
Whap it here and whap it there.
Whoops all the way to the floor.
Down with the wrapping paper, which is also fun to play with.
Whoops, let the little hedgehog behind! Papers were fun to play with too.
Thanks Kitty Cat Chronicles, we are going to have so much fun to play with all this stuff!

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  1. The papers are always fun to play with after all the toys have been sampled. Thanks for participating in Secret Paws.