Thursday, December 25, 2014

Our presents were PURRfect!

Annabelle here from Purr Therapy! This was our very first year pawticipating in Secret Paws, and we loved it so much. How fun it was to receive that big box of presents all for us. So much cool stuff! Once the Warden spread it all out on the table, Inspector Mickey gave it his paw seal of approval.

We let the Warden open everything for us, then I got to check it all out. Oh, I see several packages of my very favorite treats!! Yum.

Rocky had to also get in on the action. He tried to take it all fur himself, but of course the Warden put him in his place and told him there was enough loot for everycat, and we were going to share whether he liked it or not. He didn't like it, but he had no choice!

Here are the boys eyeballing everything. They better not eat all of those treats before I get some.

We weren't in the mood to play with our new toys, because we'd just eaten and everyone knows that you have to wait two hours after the foodables before you play. Oh never mind, that's swimming and we don't even like water. Anyhoo, the Warden got loopy because we wouldn't play with the toys for her photo shoot, so she did this:

Haha! Rocky has a mouse on his head. If looks could kill...

We all took a turn in the box and declared it "just right!"

We want to give a BIG THANKS and shout out to our Secret Paws, Four Crazy Cats! The Warden said they must be psychic because everything we got was so purrfect for us! The Warden loves caramel, and she got a big salted caramel chocolate bar. She also has a weakness for soft furry blanket throws, and she said we were going to have to share the one we got, because she loves it! Well, I don't know, we might have to fight over that.

We also really loved our Christmas Seal -- the Warden tried to buy one for us online on Black Friday and they were all sold out, so now we have one! Yay! Doesn't it look cute on Mickey's head? MOL.

Well, I am ready to go play with my cool new toys (the ones that don't have Rocky slobber on them yet) so I will sign off now. See you soon!
Annabelle and Purr Therapy


  1. What a wonderful Secret Paws package. Thank you for participating in Secret Paws this year.

  2. What a GREAT Secret Paws package! We loved ours too - Mom and I are about to write a post about it! Thanks again.......

    Love, Sammy (and Mom Pam)

  3. We love seeing everyone open their gifts...glad you liked yours! We thought a warm blanket might be in order since you guys live in a cold place!