Monday, December 15, 2014

Getting Our Secret Paws Ready to Mail

Charlemagne, Tamar and Mal here.  We actually got to take pictures when we were wrapping and checking out all of the goodies for our Secret Paws pals this year!  (Momma note:  Charlemagne is the white and brown Maine Coon, Tamar is the brown Pixie Bob, and Mal is the gray rescue boy.)

Wow, Tamar - look at all of these great toys!  I'll bet our Secret Paws friends have a great time with these.

Hey Charlemagne, I think there's some nip toys in this stocking.  Sure smells like it!

Hey, I know that there's nip in this one!  Momma, can I have some, please?

Temptations - yummy.  Momma, did you get some for us?

Oh - this one smells pretty yummy.  Do you think they'd miss one or two?

I'm pretty sure Momma won't let us eat any of them.

Well, fine.  I'm just going to ignore them then, since we can't have any.

This new jingle ball seems okay - I think it passes the test.

Yup, this one is okay to go, too.

Hey, wait!  Don't pack this one yet, Momma!  I want to toss it up into the tree and bat it around some first.  I have to make sure it rolls properly!

Here's all of the goodies, ready to go into the box.  Momma sent it out and we know from the people in blue that it already got where it's going.  We really hope that our Secret Paws pals like their presents and that their Momma likes the little goodies for her, too.  

Our package came today, but Momma says we have to wait until Christmas.  Um.... how many more days is that, Momma?  Do we hafta wait?  We do?  Really?  Okay.

Merry Christmouse and Purry New Year everyone!

Love, Charlemagne, Tamar and Mal


  1. Your kitties will be lucky to receive so many wonderful treats!

  2. Just look at all the loot your Secret Paw is going to get. We can't wait to see what you received. We received our package and our mom let us open it.

  3. We're excited to open ours at Christmas and we'll make sure Momma takes lots of pictures. Might take her a day or two to get it posted - we said she could rest a little at Christmas. ;-)

  4. Meow what a great bunch of gifts. Bet there will be some happy kitties