Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Our Present(s) Will Be Shipped This Thursday!! Secret Paws 2014

Hi all! It's Cody and this year I have to give my Mom a tiny bit of props! The past 3 yrs Mom has allowed me to be a part of Secret Paws, (this little Jewish kitty LOVES CHRISTMAS!!!), and this is the FIRST year that Mom wrapped her gifts herself! Do you believe it!?

Now, I am not saying she did a good job, but the thought was sure there!

Mom and I hope that whatever kitty (or kitties) might be getting this, that they like their prezzies!

Now don't be fooled by how good this looks, you don't see the parts of this prezzie that are covered in LEOPARD TAPE!! MOL!!!

Why do you think I refused to be in ANY photos?
I couldn't take the embarrassment!
Love, Cody

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  1. We're sure whoever get this package will be impressed.