Saturday, December 27, 2014

I Finally Got to Open My Secret Paws Package!

Oh boy! Oh Boy! It's from Katie and Waffles!!!
Looky! Looky! Lots of pretty shiny things, and a 
card with MY name on it!
Be still my heart: A special card just for me
from Waffles and the Boss herself!
This is serious bidness, Kitties!
The Human helped me remove the paper and stuff . . .
and, honestly, I did not know where to begin!
 That looks interesting . . .oh, but look at this!
This is really intriguing . . .
but I think I will choose this other one
for awhile. I lubs it.
There were things for the Human, too--
the funnest sponge cloth she ever saw,
and a book by the wonderful poet May Sarton
Wand toys are my favorites!
This red butterfly is the best! 
I can keeeeell it over and over! 
Thanks a million to Katie and Waffles
and their Glogirly, too! We love our presents!


  1. Spitty, seeing the 'Fur Person' by May Sarton made me smile. It's a lovely book and sits so nicely among all of your presents. Happy New Year to you and mom!

    Julie, Tinker, Anastasia, Chopin & Bridgie

  2. we saw your most pawesome post about this on your blog and we are sooooooooo happy you got some pawtastic gifts from Katie and Waffles! Enjoy!! xoxo

  3. What a wonderful package from Katie and Waffles. We started to swipe their names from you because they were so good to us last year, but we figured someone else needed to experience their generosity. Thanks for participating in Secret Paws.

  4. The Fur Person is a wonderful book, one of my very favorites! If you haven't read it before, you're in for a treat. :-)