Thursday, December 25, 2014

Mine Paws!

Mine name is Toffee Ripple an' mine Secret Paws was Pumpkin, Stinky, Harry, an' Sherpa.  Dey lives in Montana wif a lady, Patty, an' gotes!

Mine bocks came wif the bloo shorts man!  It had noms an' toys an' soaps frum gotes!

Mine lady let me see the bocks, but I wanted to eet mine foods.

I DID play wif mine toys.  I likes the puffy green ball an' the 'nip mousies the most!

Mine lady made me write mine fank yoo card, but I wanna say, "FANK YOO" to mine Secret Paws frum Montana!
Lubs frum Toffee
(And Jessica)


  1. That's such a nice Secret Paws package. Thank you for participating this year.

  2. All good stuff. We need to post, but did a post for tomorrow on our own blog first.

  3. Hooray. We are all glad you like your Secret Paws