Sunday, December 28, 2014

Grizzy & Sophie's Secret Paws!

Grizzy and Sophie were thrilled to get their first-ever Secret Paws package!

Our Secret Paws was Ozark Mountain Cats.

Says Grizzy and Sophie: "Our momma loved the pink 'Merry Christmas' wrapping paper. But we wanted to see what was underneath!"

Grizzy inspects carefully.

Sophie stepped right up to supervise the unwrapping of the gifts.

We were pumped to get so much great stuff! We all enjoy our own personal gifts, but the bird food and feeder we definitely enjoy together. ("But momma doesn't make those high-pitched chattering sounds when she sees the birds," says Sophie.)

Thank you so much for the wonderful gifts! This was such a fun experience. :)

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  1. What a nice Secret Paws package. We're so glad you joined us with the Secret Paws this year and hope you enjoyed it.