Friday, December 5, 2014

Package Ready to Go

Mum got all the stuff together tonight and did a wrapping marathon. Well, maybe not a marathon.More like a short sprint!
All the goodies wrapped and in the box, them mum took the box with her to sit by the couch while she wrote up a card to put inside. We insist on sending a card along. One year she was so efficient, she forgot to tell the cat who it was from! MOL!
Reinspecting the stuff, will the extra stuffing added for cushion.
Ducky wants to unpack and have those toys himself. Not gonna happen little dude, they are for..........
Could your name be here?


  1. some kitty (or kitties) will be really lucky! We mailed ours yesterday!

  2. We have been both the giver and receiver with you guys! Wonder who will be getting this great box of presents!

  3. We can't wait to see who gets your package and what's in it.