Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Spike William loves Secret Paws 2014

I was so thrilled to find out that I would be exchanging presents for Secret Paws with Pansy, Maxie and Mr. B at
My Big Janitor Dad went to the kitty store and found lots of toys to send to my Secret Paws. I had to make sure and snoopervise all the presents before they were put in the box to be mailed.

After inspecting all the presents and helping with the wrapping I had to climb in the priority mailing box to make sure that everything would fit. And, HOORAY, we got the right size box. We even added some extra catnip to the box before mailing so Pansy, Maxie and Mr. B would know it was a present for them!

Then I received a box in the mail from my Secret Paws; 
Pansy, Maxie and Mr. B but I had to wait until Christmas 
to open my package.




The Florida Furkids open their Secret Paws packages

WOW.....We can't believe all the fantastic presents we got from our Secret paws!!   We made a video of us opening our packages and enjoying all the toys and treats!


After that pawsome package, you can imagine our surprise when ANOTHER gift arrived for us!!  A Zip Nip toy filled with pawsome nip!!

Thank you so much to the Jasper McKitten crew for all of our you can see, we love them all!!!

more presents

our friends at Whiskers in the Window finally got to open their box....go see who it was from....

Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Secret Paws Revealed!

What do you think? There allegedly was a bite involved but TW screwed up the video evidence.
She has no proof.

For the second year, I signed up for the Secret Paws, hoping one of my furrends would get me. When my package arrived a few weeks ago, I didn’t recognize the name on the package so I did some investigative snooping. I learned that the sender has a blog named A House With Two Cats. Unfortunately, her beloved Rosie had just gone to the RB so William is living there as an only cat. Let me tell you, William and their Mom know how to make a cat happy.

I didn’t get to open the box until AFTER the peeps opened their boring gifts on Christmas morning. There is no justice in this world. The package contained so many nice toys and some of my favorite treats. TW liked the wrapping paper but wondered if William’s human owned stock in Scotch tape. It was like someone told her what I liked. What? Oh, I understand TW did fill out a form. Uh huh. So William checked it twice once he found out I was not naughty but nice.

I made a little slideshow to show some of the contains of the box. Take a look see.

What did I get? Here’s a partial list:

  • my favorite Petstages Whirly Gig. TW didn’t think I’d like it but I did.
  • Loco!Laser which I will wear out in no time
  • a piece of fancy tissue paper!
  • the Batnip ball in the top foto
  • SmartyKat ball with compressed nip in it
  • a nip fishie
  • 2 nip shmousy toys
  • a red feather toy
  • 2 bags of Greenies, including the Greenies SmartBites Digestion which I love so much
  • and I got some blue balls—I’m not gonna go there and don’t you—although one will be crushed the first time TW steps on it.

Can you believe all the good loot? HAH! There was a candle for TW in there too which I begrudgedly let her have.  I got all these fun toys and all the peeps got were some pajama’s and socks and stuff. I bet they were really naughty since Santa stiffed them.

I made a YouTube video of my Whirly Gig fun.

Thank you William, Angel Rosie and Mom Cindy for the great Secret Paws package. Much thanks to Mom Paula of Sweet Purrfections for coordinating the Secret Paws gift exchange and making sure everybuddy gets their package. Thank you for a pawsome Christmas!

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Monday, December 29, 2014

Gifts for Tails from the Foster Kittens

My presents arrived over a couple of days and it was kinda fun finding the packages at the door. I knew who my SP was because she contacted me and asked me for an Amazon wish list.. Thank you Stacy and Ms Stella

Yes, Jack stole the treats.. ;) everything else went down to the foster kittens who were VERY happy to have a second litter box.. well not the fishies.. Jack tends to gravitate toward fishie toys and they make him very happy.. He'll get one after we take down all the Christmas decorations and if he loves it he'll get the second one when he loses the first ;)

Jasper McKitten-Cat's gift from Samantha Black

The McKitten-Cats got a wonderful Secret Paws package from Samantha Black!

Secret Paws 2014
Look at all these gifts! She really spoiled us this Christmas!

Secret Paws 2014
We didn't even know where to start. That Christmas tree toy is a lot of fun, and the snowman too. And we love all the balls!

Secret Paws 2014
Maggie didn't even want to wait until the wand toy was out of the package to try it out. She's impulsive like that.

Secret Paws 2014
Josie picked out a piece of tissue paper. The tissue had a nice nip smell to it too.

Secret Paws 2014
Look at all these treats! We're stocked. We've really enjoyed the Tumblers!

Secret Paws 2014
Huggy Bear says "Thanks for all our great stuff, Samantha!" She was even nice enough to send something for Mom and Dad. Merry Christmas! We love doing Secret Paws.

The morning after...

Dad left the box with the tissue in the kitchen so of course we played with it all night. (The laundry basket on the counter was to carry supplies to a friend's house so Mom could cook dinner.)

Truffles' Secret Paws

Hey everybody, it's Truffles! On Christmas day I opened my amazing Secret Paws gifts from Julie and her kitties Bridget, Tinker, Chopin, and Anastasia of Our Church Cat Family. You can read all about it on my blog today :)

Many thanks as well to Paula from Sweet Purrfections for organizing this most wonderful event!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

Thanks, Kon, for our great Secret Paws box!

Charlemagne, Tamar and Mal here.  We got our Secret Paws box a bit before Christmas, but Momma said we had to wait until Christmas to open it.  We pouted, but she didn't give in and told us, "Them's the rules."  So we waited.

Hey Tamar, look!  It's our Secret Paws box!  Yes, Charlemagne, I got that - I'm checking it out, too.

Wow - it came a long way to our home in the rainy Pacific Northwest.  All the way from Virginia.  Where's Viriginia, Momma?  Mal, it's on the other side of the country from us.

Look at all of the goodies!

There's a lot of stuff in there!  Yippee!

Here's the card - it was right next to the nip.  Who's it from?  Let's wait to find out and open the presents first!

Can we open them?  Huh, huh, please?  Please, Momma?  Yes, kitties, you can open the presents first.  Yippee!!!!

Tamar and I unwrapped a bunch of the presents together.  Hey Tamar, we got more catnip mice to play with.  I love flinging them around!

We got a snowball toy, too.  Or is it a snowman head?  Not sure, but I bet it will roll good when I thwap it with my paw.

Okay, Charlemagne, I want the mouse toy!  You know how I like to chase mousie toys!

Here's a nice new nip toy with feathers!  A girl can never have too many feathers.

And more mousies and sparkle toys!  We are so set!

Look at all of my goodies!  I must have been a pretty good boy this year to get so many presents!

A big green ball to knock around - that will be fun!

And some nip toys!  Gosh, I love my nip toys!  Let me just rub all over them right now.

And a jingle ball and some springs and a big nip toy with feathers!  This is going to keep me busy, busy, busy.

Wow, Momma, there's so much fun stuff here!  Where's the card?  Who's it from?

Here it is!  It's from Kon over at No Chips for Kon.

Let me see!  Yup, that's who it's from!  Thank you, Kon!

Here's a picture of all of our goodies, plus the nice candy bar for our Momma.  It was a good Christmas!!!!!

Since we were so busy moving around and playing with the toys, Momma didn't get any really good pictures of any of us, so we decided to add these so you can see what we look like.

Here's me, Charlemagne, in all my regal glory!  Momma says I'm named for an emperor and don't I know it!

I'm the pretty Tamar girl.  I'm named after a 12th century Georgian queen who definitely was in charge, just like me!  She's also a saint, just like me, so Momma knows where she rates in the household.

And I'm Mal.  I'm named after the captain on Firefly, because I went through a lot of bad stuff before I came to live with Momma and Daddy, but I kept fighting and made it through.

Thank you so much for our wonderful goodies, Kon!  We hope that you and your family are having a great holiday season and we wish you a very Purry New Year!

Charlemagne, Tamar and Mal

Grizzy & Sophie's Secret Paws!

Grizzy and Sophie were thrilled to get their first-ever Secret Paws package!

Our Secret Paws was Ozark Mountain Cats.

Says Grizzy and Sophie: "Our momma loved the pink 'Merry Christmas' wrapping paper. But we wanted to see what was underneath!"

Grizzy inspects carefully.

Sophie stepped right up to supervise the unwrapping of the gifts.

We were pumped to get so much great stuff! We all enjoy our own personal gifts, but the bird food and feeder we definitely enjoy together. ("But momma doesn't make those high-pitched chattering sounds when she sees the birds," says Sophie.)

Thank you so much for the wonderful gifts! This was such a fun experience. :)

What a great Christmas!

I had a GREAT Christmas thanks to my Secret Paws pals Derby and Ducky.  Me and my pawrents had prezzints on Christmas Eve and we all opened our prezzints together.  

   These are all of the prezzints that I got from everyone this year.  Most of them were from Derby and Ducky.  I especially love the Super Primo Nip Raviolis, that's some potent stuff in there and I just love it.  I must admit, I kind of got carried away on my first time playing with it and I lost myself for a few minutes while the WB and Mum laughed hysterically at my antics.
   Ah, Christmas paper!  My favorite thing, next to boxes of course. 

Special Note:  Since I've received all of these great gifts from Derby and Ducky,  we in the community have lost sweet Derby, may he rest in peace at the bridge.  I really didn't know him well, but he had great taste in toys, I know that for sure.  We'll miss you furrend.

Saturday, December 27, 2014

I Finally Got to Open My Secret Paws Package!

Oh boy! Oh Boy! It's from Katie and Waffles!!!
Looky! Looky! Lots of pretty shiny things, and a 
card with MY name on it!
Be still my heart: A special card just for me
from Waffles and the Boss herself!
This is serious bidness, Kitties!
The Human helped me remove the paper and stuff . . .
and, honestly, I did not know where to begin!
 That looks interesting . . .oh, but look at this!
This is really intriguing . . .
but I think I will choose this other one
for awhile. I lubs it.
There were things for the Human, too--
the funnest sponge cloth she ever saw,
and a book by the wonderful poet May Sarton
Wand toys are my favorites!
This red butterfly is the best! 
I can keeeeell it over and over! 
Thanks a million to Katie and Waffles
and their Glogirly, too! We love our presents!