Thursday, December 18, 2014

William's Secret Paws package

I am so excited to open all the great looking gifts that Derby and Ducky sent me!

 I inspected it all in the box.

Then Mum took it all out and stuffed it all in the gift bag, the bag is overflowing!  She gave it to Voltron to guard until Christmas morning.  He's our present defender.
I can't wait to open it all!  

Derby and Ducky's human was nice enough to pack the gifts in the local news paper.  Mum decided to cut out a portion to share with everyone one of the big happenings in Milkwalkie.  Rudy's really didn't seem like a good name for a Mexican place anyway  MOL...

By the way,  this is posted under my Mum's blogger account because I guess she opened the blog invitation link with her's open instead of mine...Grr.. This is William from


  1. you are gonna love everything for sure!

  2. We hope you enjoy. Mum hasn't let us open our stuff yet either.

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